I like to base my video works on artworks from the past, various periods and epochs, especially painting, but take only a visual component. After that, I come up with a new plot and use another medium - a video. I imagine that if these works had come down to us only as images - with a lost historical or semantic subtext. It becomes a kind of game - to invest my experience, feelings, to give it a different time and meaning, but at the same time it is also a dialogue with the history of art, with other cultures through my own reflection.

My main passion is working with black-and-white portrait photography, often taken at a long exposure. Since we do not see a black-and-white image in nature, for me such a photo becomes an artificial object that does not claim the right to imitate reality. On the one hand, such a photo lacks such quality as color, but at the same time it focuses on shapes and texture, and together with a long shutter speed - it captures an overlay of one state in time on another. For me, this is a guide, an intermediary to the border world, where I can try to make an attempt to capture the imperceptible, transformation, changing or catching the similarities of the material world.

Sometimes I try myself in other mediums, such as performance, installation, collage, if I understand that a certain medium is suitable for the implementation of the idea.
I am inspired to choose a topic for the project by my personal experience, and it can be the experience of some personal inner experience or reflection on external factors - for example, job, current social problems,news. Most of all, I am concerned about the idea of freedom, control and changes in modern society, and attempt to realize exactly where we are moving and what it will turn out to be.